Boujaad Rugs

These magnificent Boujaad Rugs have a beautifully warm wool. Its side patterns looking like "space invaders" are quite interesting and its central pattern in a stream of waves is sublime. It makes the rug an uncommon and beautiful piece.

These stunning vintage Boujaad rugs with its rich jewel tones of orange, pinks and lighter muted colors were hand woven in Boujaad small village- the date is even woven into the rug itself by the artisan for authenticity. Unlike factory made rugs, these vintage pieces tell the true story of Morocco and its people. These are statement piece for your home and an heirloom to be treasured and passed down through the ages.

These beautiful rare Moroccan rugs are handmade by the Boujaad tribe of the Middle Atlas Mountains. These rugs are definitely going to be the star of every room and will blow the mind of anyone who will see it! The rugs have their origin from Haouz which is a small region amidst the Atlantic Ocean and Middle Atlas. The designs are in history with typical Berber symbols representing marriage, fertility and farming life. These striking and soft pieces are made with natural henna, indigo and food dyes. They are available in vibrant colors like purples, red and orange.

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Authentic Berber Moroccan rug
This berber Moroccan tribal rug is very unique with it's gorgeous design and colors ,...
Authentic Handmade Moroccan Carpet
Gorgeous tribal vintage rugs that are only available at the Artisanbazzarts Shop , very unique...
Beni Mrirt authentic Moroccan rug
one of a kind Beni Mrirt rug , if you are a fan of luxury...
Berber Authentic Vintage Runner
this one of a kind berber vintage Runner is handwoven by berber women from the...
boujad Boucherouite Unique Rug
Boujad rugs are hand woven pile rugs from a small region in Haouz between the...
Boujad Moroccan Carpet - Tapis Berere
Boujaad one of kind berber rug, This vintage Moroccan Boujad rug is like a modern...
Design Berber rug - Tapis Marocain
This vintage Moroccan rug features a series of colorful rhombic figures linked in an abstract...
Mid Century Berber Moroccan Rug
Decorated with shaggy colors and ancient protection symbols, this Moroccan rug features a spectacular checkered...
stylish Berber Moroccan rug
a breathtaking berber Moroccan rugs , handmade by talented women artisans from the Hight Atlas...