Moroccan Leather Slippers, Womens Babouche, Moroccan Slippers, Babouche Slippers

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Organic Babouche Slippers

, Organic Leather Slippers

These super comfy slippers with a soft suede upper and organic leather soles are natural, breathable, will mould themselves to the shape of your feet and are perfect for relaxing in the mornings and evenings after a hard days work!

Our babouches are made using 100% soft supple organic leather and suede which has been processed naturally without the use of chemicals using techniques dating from medieval times. The suede is hand dyed in our own bespoke range of colours, our babouche maker then cuts the suede and hand makes the babouche with a traditional skill that is passed down from generation to generation.

No chemical de-oderizers are used in the processing of the leather so the babouche may have a strong smell of leather when new. As these babouche are handmade they may have some blemishes and imperfections.

The soles are made from natural untreated leather and are suitable for indoor use only.

The colours in the pictures are as follows:
Picture 1: From the top clockwise: burgundy, dark blue, beige, dark green, saffron, blue grey, vintage rose, light blue, salmon, blue purple, lilac grey, olive green
Picture 2: .Lilac grey, salmon, saffron, beige, olive green, dark green, dark blue, light blue, grey blue, blue purple, vintage rose, burgundy.
Picture 3: Blue purple, light blue, dark blue, blue grey
Picture 4: Salmon
Picture 5: Vintage rose
Picture 6: Burgundy
Picture 7: Vintage rose, burgundy, lilac grey, beige
Picture 8: Beige, dark green, saffron, olive green

Moroccan Leather Slippers, Womens Babouche, Moroccan Slippers, Babouche Slippers