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 Leather Brown Purse,  Genuine Leather Bags, Moroccan Leather Handbags


Leather purse is made of natural brown. The work of leather is one of the most well-known aspects of Moroccan handicrafts Leather bag and leather purse
. A large and varied selection of Moroccan handmade purses
All our products are made from goats and cows leather. Leather is ecologically tanned, without chemical additives. Some model are semi-oiled to extend the life of the leather. Leather should be oiled over time.

Moroccan leather purse beige leather Vintage Style Moroccan Hand-made Genuine Leather 
Leather bag purse handmade. Perfect for your style. With several pockets to organize your treasures. 
goat leather, brown leather purse 

It is a very durable material. It can be adapted to various measures. You can even add more holes. Leather is a very grateful material. Over time you'll know.

Genuine Leather
Ecologically produced goat skin, tanned and dyed using vegetable based.
Fastening: Buckle
Outer material: Leather
Inner material: Textile

In very good condition
Interior is overall clean, as pictured
The bag has been tanned with natural oils, so some of this still remains, this also has a smell to it.

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