Design Berber rug - Tapis Marocain

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This vintage Moroccan rug features a series of colorful rhombic figures linked in an abstract all-over pattern.

Vintage Mid century Moroccan Rug, Morocco, Circa: Middle Part of the 20th Century -This abstract and exciting vintage rug – a Vintage, mid century Moroccan rug was woven during the height of Moroccan rug production. This production took place in the middle years of the twentieth century and this vintage mid century modern Moroccan rug is truly an achievement in rug weaving. This dynamic piece possesses many of the qualities most sought after by collectors of such rugs, and would make a proud addition to any home. red and yellow figures decorate the striped field of this mid-century modern Moroccan rug. Woven in the 20th century, Its exciting design and abstract composition make it not only a highly desirable piece, but a genuine work of art.