Berber imilchil Moroccan rug

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Here is an exciting, beautifully composed Moroccan carpet – a gorgeous Moroccan piece, primarily characterized by a beautiful color palette featuring vibrant shades of pink, green, orange and white on red background. Rather than featuring either the typical ivory and brown format of traditional mid-century Beni Ourain carpets or the abstract, highly eccentric tribal style that sometimes characterizes Moroccan carpets from this period, this particular piece exhibits a unique composition, which perhaps may best described as a field of red. This exceedingly minimalist composition almost represents a deconstruction and reevaluation of conventional carpet patterns – for rather than featuring detail work in the traditional sense of the term, this carpet is almost entirely open to interpretation, its simple pattern as mesmerizing as it is straightforward. A unique and beautifully woven Berber rug, this breathtaking Moroccan is an intriguing piece.