Taznakht unique rug - Amazigh Moroccan Carpet

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Our Taznakht Kilim rug is a flat weave rug of black, red and pops of orange and white. It measures 150cm x 115cm.

this Berber rug is weaved in the south of Morocco in a small village next to Tazenakhet, from traditional, flat pile Kilim rugs to the plush, carpet pile rugs. These stunning, woven wool creations are all made in a variety of colors and designs, traditionally crafted by the local women of Morocco. As their time is also spent caring for their families and running a household, it is not uncommon for the production of a single rug to take up to 6 months. Every Moroccan rug tells a story, the story of its maker. As every Moroccan woman is unique and individual, so is each rug that they weave into their story. You will see that every rug has a beginning, this is shown as a flat, woven line, and an end where the tale is marked off by a row of tassels. They can be used as a floor rug or as a stunning piece of art adorning your walls. The most traditional and vibrant way to bring a little piece of Morocco into your special space.