Moroccan Lamp Shade

Moroccan Lamp Shade

Are you searching for an easy way to update your home décor? You should use these beautiful Moroccan Lamp Shade or handmade lamps, using the flip of the switch, your place can be transformed in the Ottoman times. Add a new fixture and accentuate your room style through the table top. Choose from the wide range of options, then brighten and enjoy the classic and romantic perspective in your space.

With rustic refinement, candor and warmth, each handmade lamp has a wide range of custom glazes and colors.

We are glad to present you our new collection of the Moroccan Lamp Shade ; you will find here beautiful lampshades for your home. 


Each piece of these lampshades is handcrafted by talented Moroccan artisans in Morocco; the artisans use the natural materials like Rattan, Wicker, and raffia to create the artwork of lampshades.

Lighting plays a major role in creating the right atmosphere and deciding the mood for any event. Table lamps prove to be a perfect addition to the usual lighting of your space. They can be easily placed anywhere from the corner table in living area, bedside tables or your office or study table.

Contemporary table lamps will provide a trendy and modern look to your interiors. You can choose a chic, funky lamp to enhance the quirkiness of your décor.

Browse through our range of Moroccan Lamp Shade and get one for yourself with ease and comfort of your homes!