Berber Pillows

The unique vintage Berber Moroccan pillows are created with 100% native wool in one-of-a-kind design where no two designs are same. These are made by Berber women in High Atlas Mountains. Their durable design along with their genuine craftsmanship ensures a long life. The small multicoloured diamonds create the patterns of two panels which were probably borrowed from the Zemmour tribes.

Pillows usually made in one piece and are folded in tow and sewn along the sides with an opening left for the stuffing. Each of the pieces is a representation of their extraordinary creativity, flair for patterns and colours.

All hand woven & embroidery 

(100% wool)

These Berber Moroccan Pillows are made from authentic vintage handmade Berber Moroccan rug. Its lively colours work for most of the interior décor. You can scatter some of them all around the house to add a touch of ethnic boho chic.  We have restored the cushion to its original condition. Because of its vintage nature, it has minor signs of use and flaws. We are in love with these eye catchers! Each of the pillows has distinct look, feel, range of designs and colours. Each pillow is created and sewn with love and selected by us. Our unique, one of a kind Berber pillows have abstract designs, vintage materials and tribal patterns hand stitched by Berber women in Atlas mountain range in Morocco. Berber pillows have their own individual character and style. Each of the wool pillows are dyed with hand in natural vegetable colour. You can’t make wrong choice with these traditional pillows, so don’t hesitate anymore and accentuate your home with the genuine handmade Berber Moroccan Pillows.